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Getting started

For quite some time I was thinking about starting with the android development. I had some prior experience but never did anything that others might see and use. But the time has come and I’ve decided to finally write and release something. For along time I was thinking what would be the best app to write. I worked few months on a todo application, I  even had something working but then I realised that there is plenty of such apps on google play and I didn’t had the chance to compete with already existing solutions. So I started with the game, but after few months I was still nowhere close to finishing it and slowly started to loose the pace. And finally I came to the conclusion that I will start with something much simpler. There is a type of apps on the market that seemed to be quite fun to write, yet with a chance to get noticed and monetized. Those were so called crap apps. Stuff like broken displays, xrays, lie and mood detectors. Some people consider them to be worse than others and stupid but from my point of view if people are having fun using them then why not give them such applications. I browsed several developer profiles and checked the comments and seems to me that there is quite a large audience for such applications.

Fortunately for me few months of libgdx usage gave enough knowledge to use it for this simple task. After some thinking I decided that I will start with the lightsaber. I liked one particular app on the market that had the camera preview instead of the standard boring background. I liked the app and used it occasionally but it lacked one feature. There was no saber throw. So I decided to write something similar but with the missing feature. I also decided to add the force lighting and some other powers like force choke or push. But for initial version I will probably only implement the saber push. Or I might rather say – I’ve implemented. The app is almost ready, there are only some minor issues to solve and one bigger and I might be able to release the app within next few days.

Basic view with blade expanded

Blade color selection menu opened
hilt selection menu opened
thrown lightsaber

Of course I’ll post the update once I’ll put the app on the market. Wish me luck 😀